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234   2 years ago
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234   2 years ago
There is something nostalgic about an Italian restaurant like Ippolito's. About a casual Napolitano restaurant with a local look and a local feel. About a menu full of Italian classics. There is something that feels like family and tastes like togetherness.

Oh, and something that tastes like cheesy, garlicky, buttery goodness that was handmade in heaven and delivered to your table by angels...

Yup. Ippolito's famous garlic knots are responsible for many-an appetite casualty. Diners are forced to have their Stromboli bagged and their Chicken Parmigiana tagged before trying even one bite. Which is a shame, because their signature dishes are pretty solid. From pizza and calzones to an array of pastas with plenty of homemade sauce options, Ippolito's is Italian food the way you remember it.
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