Cooking with Bison from Ted's Butcher Shoppe

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We're cooking with Bison from Ted Turner's latest, great TBS - Ted's Butcher Shoppe! Our own OJ the Editor is exploring the beauty and wonders of bison meat through three recipes:
1. A normal pan sear
2. A sous vide, then pan sear
3. a bison katsu sando

How did his recipes turn out? Watch to find out and order a box of bison directly to YOUR home with Ted's Butcher Shoppe at

More About Bison Meat
Bison is higher in iron and protein than any other meat, making it one of the healthiest diet choices you can make.

Rich, tender, mildly sweeter than beef and never gamey. That’s the remarkable taste profile of bison, making it ideal for everything from burgers to steaks.

Bison is the leanest protein you can find including beef, pork, chicken and salmon.

Bison are processed as little as possible. They are never subjected to hormones or steroids.
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