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This is an open challenge to Tanmay Bhat, Kabita's Kitchen, Sanjeev Kapoor and all other 'food vloggers' and 'celebrity chefs'.
This is my first ever vlog, so share your feedback. And don't forget to hit likes and subscribe.

This lockdown, I mastered cooking to become the best chef the world has ever seen (Sarcasm :p). Thereafter, I decided to shoot a funny vlog to share my master dish with the world. The previous night, I looked up a recipe from the Internet and hence, in this video, I am going to cook Paneer Butter Masala, or is it Chicken Tikka Butter Masala? I guess you will have to watch the entire video to find that out. Being an engineer, I can assure you that engineers can do absolutely anything, even become world best cook master Asia no.1 chef of India like me, maybe you can learn tits-bits of cooking under my humble guidance :p jk.. I know I am not that funny.

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