Baking Martha's Country Bakery's Berry Napoleon Cake|Easy Mille Feuille Dessert Recipe網紅拿破崙蛋糕

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680   2 years ago
Hi everyone! (•◡•) /

Let's start by saying: Wow I am trying so many new things in this video! First time baking the Berry Napoleon Cake, vlogging, and adding on so many cute animation effects! Overall, I think I am heading to a good direction for my videos and hope that you like it!

About the Cake
Oooh, let's just say I was totally bewildered when I first tried the Very Berry Napoleon Cake from Martha's Country Bakery in New York. I thought it was going to be a heavy creme texture and super sweet, but I was gladly proven wrong! The creme texture was surprising light and the aroma was so captivating. Since trying this cake, I went back a few times just to eat it and bought so many takeouts for my friends and family! (This really was not sponsored at all LOL, I just love this cake so much)

The unfortunate thing is that this bakery is really far from where I live and I couldn't drive there all the time. Therefore, I decided to make it at home on my own! I searched multiple recipes online and settled with this one from APPRENDRELAPATISSERIEFRANCAISE (link below). Napoleon is a French dessert, it's also called Mille Feuille, which translate into
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