Fukiware Falls Full Vlog【4K】| Japan Travel Vlog Video 2020 | Gunma travel vlog

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Today i will show you Fukiware Falls Full Vlog【4K】| Japan Travel Vlog Video 2020 | Gunma travel vlog.

This is another japan travel video. A japan travel vlog which will take you to the nature. This video is about fukiware falls gunmaa. If you don't know what to do in japan for your travelling period, watch this video from mahid fromjapan!

In a sunny day, we went to Gunma prefecture to see the tambara lavendar park, pitch peaking and fukiware falls which is known to be the Niagra falls of Japan. This is the Part 1 of the tour. In the Part 2 we will show you the pitch picking and the Fukiware falls in Gunma.

How to get there:
Narita/Haneda Airport to Tokyo station. Then Ueno station to Takasaki station. Then Jomokogen station to Numata station.
Then Numata station. (by bus 50 minutes) to Tambara Lavendar Park

From Tokyo station to Jomokogen station there is a shinkansen for about 80 min.

You can also use your Japan Rail pass or JR Tokyo Wide Pass to get there.

From Tambara Lavendar park, it is about 30 km to Fukiware falls. It wil be more convenient if you go there by a private car.

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