The Best Ramen in Japan | Travel and Food Vlog

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71   1 year ago
In Kamikawa, we had the best Ramen in Japan!
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Ramen in Japan is what we do! And, it's funny, because when we came here we kind of thought the food was all going to be sushi, sushi, sushi. But, the reality is, we've been much more into the ramen, and the variety of ramen, than anything else. We've turned this into a food vlog, and while in Japan, why not.
We made a stop in Kamikawa, up on the island of Hokkaido. I was here 20 years ago, and this was actually the first place I ever had ramen noodles. Obviously, back then, it was the best ramen I'd ever had. In fact, back then it was my favourite food I'd ever eaten. It's one of my vivid memories as a child, eating this soup in Kamikawa. So, it was a bit of surprise to find out that this place was still the best ramen in Japan.
So, the best ramen in Japan is called Asahi Shokudo and is in Kamikawa. If you go, say hi for me!
Tomorrow, I'm off the food vlog and back shooting some photography in Sapporo.
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