Travel vlog Japan 桜旅①木曽 馬籠~妻籠 中山道 医王寺 Samurai Trail Nakasendo Iou-temple [4K] 2021 3 04 ジャパンジャーニー

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中山道 木曽路の入り口にあるお寺・山中薬師 瑠璃山医王寺の桜です。
Cherry Blossoms(Sakura)Trip
Rurisan Iou-Temple, which is familiar to Yamanaka Yakushi, is located a short time up from the lower girder bridge of the Ochiai River, and is worshiped as one of the three major pharmacists in Japan along with Crab Yakushi and Horaiji as an insect-sealing pharmacist.
Yakushi Nyorai is said to be Gyoki. The legend of the fox plaster that has been handed down in this temple also appears in
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