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377   2 years ago
Yo cannabis lovers! I'm juiced on this latest dope product review about The OG Cannabis Café in West Hollywood, CA.

I documented my experience trying out America's first legal cannabis café, so that I could provide a great source of information for people to make their decision on whether or not to visit this historical restaurant.

I had the breakfast smash burger and brought my own cannabis that I was able to freely consume on site with one of their rentable bongs...I got the pink one ;)

I hope this provided you MASSIVE value...and made you laugh.

If you've visited the OG Cannabis Café, I would love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Thank you OG Cannabis Café for having me and my girlfriend and allowing me to film this review.

Check out the OG Cannabis Café website for more info!

If you wanna hang out on other platforms:

Cottonmouth Media yo...we out!

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